All about me! - Lisa Baird

My first camera was a SLR Minolta Maxiuum film camera 1985. With this camera, I shot quality images of my three children throughout their growing years. I never took the camera out of "auto".

As my children grew up, I lost my “subjects” and I began to photograph nature walks, canoe trips and flying experiences.

In 2002 I transitioned to digital photography. I dabbled with images on the computer in Photoshop and taught myself digital scrapbooking to document all my treasured memories online.

In 2007 I pursued a degree in Professional Photography Technology. NOW I know what all the buttons and dials do on my cameras!

I have studio experience and own studio photography equipment but rarely shoot indoors anymore. I've dabbled in a product, food, event, and wedding photography but my favorite is photographing people.

Outside of photography, I work at a school district as a website photographer and assistant to the communications/technology departments.

My husband and I have three adult children and three beautiful grandchildren. We have a Yorkshire terrier named Henry.

I love long drives, cooking, camping, cabin-life, the North Shore, and discovering historic landmarks especially one-room schools! We own a  Cessna which gives me the opportunity for shooting photos from up above.


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